operate || Charging

- When connected the Emergency light sets with battery and load A.C. Current In. The Chargers will automatically charged until battery full. Howere,The circuit have designed for continuously maintain full Capacity of battery. Battery voltagecapacity are controlled by IC regulator,full charged are 13.6-13.8 volt (2.27-2.30 v.per cell) for 12v.battery and 6.8-6.9volt (2.27-23.0v.per cell) for 6v. battery.When the battery voltage drops lower than 13.6 v. or 6.8 v. the charger will automatically recharged to battery.The charger current are recommends 10% from battery capacity.

- Whenever the normal current are failed The circuit will light to the lamp. The charge over system are done by relay whichsensor by transistor. When Battery discharged to low valtage cut-off,the circuit will out off the battery discharge immediately to prevent battery damage. This circuit are content the on loss system. That is prevent the self-leakage from battery. Whenever, the normal current returned, the sets can automatically recharge for ready to work when the normal current fail.

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